Ajax Media Tech specializes in providing complete post-production and film restoration services including VFX, Subtitling, Restoration, Colorization, Video Editing, Color Grading (DI), Dubbing, Rotoscoping & Paint in India and across the globe.

Using cutting edge technologies, trend setting innovation and significant level substance security, Ajax Media Tech flourishes to convey World Class quality, which is proven through the long-term relationships with our clients.

Watch our showreel from the movie Tik Tik Tik for the visual effect project we have delivered.

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Transform your ideas into a visual delight by choosing us!

Ajax Media Tech is proud and happy to work with a team of skilled artists – highly proficient designers, visual compositors, concept artists, animators, roto artists, VFX Supervisors and VFX producers who generate tons of creative productions every single day. Ajax Media Tech has also grown to become one of the best film restoration companies in Chennai extending our services globally to some leading hollywood studios.