Visual Effects

Our VFX team creates high-quality visual effects for film studios, individual filmmakers, videographers, advertising agencies and more. We focus on a customized VFX service approach to meet the specific requirements of each customer, scheduling according to your needs and budget. Ajax VFX team can help organizations of all sizes. Our experts have worked on Domestic and international projects with a good reputation in the industry.


Ajax Media Tech has delivered visual effects solutions for Hollywood feature films, television and web series productions. Some of our recent VFX projects include audience favorites like Black Panther, Thor: Ragnarok, Alpha, Tik Tik Tik.

Our Services

AJAX VFX can add visual wonder to anything, one’s imagination can come up with – futuristic backgrounds, spectacular explosions, numerous armies, stormy weather, subtle effects and entire new worlds.

We rank the top among the best VFX studios in India.

Roto In
Roto In


  • Alpha Mattes
  • Matte Extraction
Roto In
Roto In


  • Wire and Rig Removal
  • Clean Plate Creation
  • Face and Body touch up
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Roto In


  • Set Extension
  • Green/Blue Keying
  • Effects and 3D Compositing
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Roto In


  • Camera Projection
  • 3D Object Projection
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Roto In


  • Character Modeling and Animation
  • Environment Modeling