Digital Intermediate

Our Colorists are the best in digital film restoration having worked on prestigious projects from around the world. Any film’s focal point is the captivating, rich color grading that catches the eye. We help in providing that aesthetically appropriate look in every project. The Digital Intermediate (DI) process is revolutionizing filmmaking, both aesthetically and financially; providing a win-win situation to producers and filmmakers. Through our DI process we maintain the highest resolution standards, to give you an enhanced visual experience. It encompasses a whole post-production stage of filmmaking.

Our entire DI setup is one of the best VFX studios in India, offering affordable color grading services for new films.Ajax DI system enhances creativity to the next level to offer the best in class output that you are looking for.

Ajax Media Tech continues to stay on trend with the advancement of technologies and skills that make it a one-stop-shop for all DI Services.